Web Page Production


Today a website is the company’s most important marketing tool, and without one the company doesn’t “exist”. The yellow pages have changed to Google and websites, which is why accurate content and the appearance of a website is crucial.

The size and scale of web-pages varies greatly. Whether the site be made into a basic information page or a larger whole is up to you. Traditionally a home page says briefly what the company or community is, and what products or services it provides. Different parts can be added to the page according to need, for example; an image gallery, blog or a map.






In cooperation with our clients we create a responsive website, that’s visible on all the most used end user devices and are easy to upkeep and update. More and more users are browsing the internet through phones or tablets, so optimizing the website for mobile usage is essential.






Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


The fact that your website can be found through search engines is very important as well. Without search engine visibility your site won’t see much use. If so desired, we create content containing keywords, to the search engine visibility improves, and you’ll raise higher in the search results. After optimization your new potential customers can find their way to your site.








Website updates


You can leave website updates to us or take care of it yourself if you so desire. If the website is updated regularly, the easiest solution is to do it yourself with our easy to use content management system. You can create or delete entire pages and add images and extra material. Updating is done using an internet browser so a separate application is not needed.








In addition to web development we offer

  • Ecommerce
  • Advertising
  • Photography
  • Web analytics
  • Graphic design






We create web pages so that they’re shown correctly on all end user devices, from mobile to desktops. The navigation buttons are large enough to be used by fingers, and the content won’t overflow the sides of the screen.



The web pages we create always include a content management system. The system we have chosen is the multi-national, open-source ProcessWire CMS, which is primarily meant for use by ordinary people. Even though the system scales to large projects as well, using it is very simple.