Data Center Services


We have a comprehensive selection of Finnish cloud service partners. We also produce some services by ourselves, but the biggest part in the cloud is produced by Finnish top partners.


Why do we want to provide our customers with Finnish cloud? We believe that it's safe and reliable. If a problem occurs, getting help is easier and straightforward, and there's no translation problems in communication. If you find the choice between the different services difficult, you can ask our staff for more information, we will be happy to assist you in finding the right service.


All services are delivered in ready-to-use condition and we take care that the service will remain operational throughout the contract period.


Application as a Service

Does your company have applications, which resources require large server-side infrastructure? Or is your server infrastructure just too small to handle new software? Now you have the opportunity to transfer your applications to our cloud-based solutions and avoid the unnecessary headaches. SaaS platform is a flexible way of saving resources and pass the responsibility to where the expertise really is. You can access your software via an Internet portal from anywhere and anytime with any device.


Platform as a Service

Is your company expanding its IT-infrastructure?


PaaS is the solution if your company has a need for transfer services to new servers, but you do not have enough human resources or server capacity. PaaS service allows you to transfer your service to the cloud while maintaining the connection to the current environment. This allows you to conveniently increase the capacity without increasing your staff and the number of servers to be maintained. We give you PaaS solutions including application, desktop and server virtualization.


Infrastructure as a Service

Need an entire data center, which you can self-manage? With IaaS cloud solution, you will get your virtualized data center while keeping wires still in your hands. When you need a new server, you can create it in minutes and manage it according to your needs. Extension is quick and easy. You'll also save time in server hardware maintenance, because we take care of all of this. By purchasing IaaS service, you can forget the maintenance of old servers and maintenance contracts. In addition, we can offer rack space or a dedicated data center cabinet, if needed.