Although the company is young, Data Prof Ltd's posse has tens of years’ experience in the IT sector. We decided to go with a clean slate and pick up all the best practices according to what we have experienced over the years on the road. At the same time we started to think how Data Prof would be able to serve its customers in the best possible way flexibly and regardless of location.

We concluded that the network services will bring the much-needed flexibility, but we believe that personalized service is just as important to us.You can hook us up easily by phone or e-mail. Each of our employees will serve customers in the best possible way. We are a flexible and reliable service organization for your business needs.

Data Prof is a new era of ICT Service Company. We want to utilize cloud-serviced services in our own solutions as well as solutions offered to customers as much as possible. This allows us to produce solutions that adapt to the customer's situation and needs.

We try to productize our services as much as possible, so that their purchase and using is quick and easy.

For whom?

We serve corporate customers and public administration. Customer number of personnel does not matter, all customers are equally important to us.


Data Prof Oy

  • Established in 2015
  • Staff 9 people (7 system experts, one vendor and one administrative person)
  • Locations in Salo and Vantaa in Finland
  • VAT Number: 2661767-4



Data Center Services

We have a comprehensive selection of Finnish cloud service partners. We also produce some of our services by ourselves, but the biggest part in the cloud is produced by Finnish top partners.

Why do we want to provide our customers with Finnish cloud? We think that it's safe and reliable. If a problem occurs, getting help is easier and there's no language translation problems in communication. If you find the choice between the different services difficult, you can ask our staff for more information, we will be happy to assist you finding the right service.

All services are delivered in ready-to-use condition and we also take care that the service will remain operational throughout the contract period.

Application as a Service

Does your company have applications, which resources require large server-side infrastructure? Or is your server infrastructure just too small to handle new software? Now you have the opportunity to transfer your applications to our cloud-based solutions and avoid the unnecessary headaches. SaaS platform is a flexible way of saving resources and pass the responsibility to where the expertise really is. You can access your software via an Internet portal from anywhere and anytime with any device.

Platform as a Service

Is your company expanding its IT-infrastructure?

PaaS is the solution if your company has a need for transfer services to new servers, but you do not have enough human resources or server capacity. PaaS service allows you to transfer your service to the cloud while maintaining the connection to the current environment. This allows you to conveniently increase the capacity without increasing your staff and the number of servers to be maintained. We give you PaaS solutions including application, desktop and server virtualization.

Infrastructure as a Service

Need an entire data center, which you can self-manage? With IaaS cloud solution, you will get your virtualized data center while keeping wires still in your hands. When you need a new server, you can create it in minutes and manage it according to your needs. Extension is quick and easy. You'll also save time in server hardware maintenance, because we take care of all of this. By purchasing IaaS service, you can forget the maintenance of old servers and maintenance contracts. In addition, we can offer rack space or a dedicated data center cabinet, if needed.

Maintenance services

Computers, servers and network devices

Packaged in a fixed price service we implement the company's computers and network maintenance without any unexpected extra costs. Fixed price makes budgeting easier and you will always know what your company's IT expenses are.

Or you can also acquire the equipment as a service so that they automatically include the necessary maintenance services for the entire contract period.

financial services

We provide financial services to ICT investment. Rental Company funding can be used to fund so individual devices than whole projects.

Why to rent ICT hardware and software?

ICT equipment and software lease acquisition costs can be spread over time, in this way the company can avoid large initial investment. By leasing, you can release the cash to the company's daily business. Software license renting enables keeping up with development or change to a better product as techniques advance.

Advantages of renting ICT equipment:

  • Expenses can be anticipated and budgeted
  • Investment decisions are easier
  • Rent-deductible for tax purposes
  • The company does not need to stress the cash on ICT investments
  • Easy returns of items at the end of the life cycle
  • The possibility of redemption of the equipment at the end of the contract period
  • The funding of extra purchases for the same contract is easy
  • Software doesn’t expire

Contact our sales team to search for the right financing option for your company!

Development projects

If your needs are more like one-time, we also do project-based consultation and expert work. Let your project be large or small, we get the skilled staff to carry it with you. We have implemented all sorts of projects, as an example the server and workstation virtualization projects, AD Level-ups, e-mail transfers to the cloud, the network infrastructure reforms and cloud-based file divisions.

We are happy to give a quote for your project!

Application development

You can order an application from us according to your needs. We’ve produced multiple smart applications for the digital age. Request a free quote for your application.


Developed applications

WeGo Work

Shift invitation application. With the application you can upkeep personnel and offer them shifts. The application saves you from calling when you want a fill-in or otherwise distribute shifts. This happens with a few clicks in a minute and you save time for other work.

The people invited to the shift get a notification and can accept or decline the shift. The personnel for the shift can be selected with one click. The system doesn’t require app installations on mobile devices.

WeGo Stable

If your company manages sporting events or similar group events, the service platform we offer called WeGo Stable can take care of schedule control and announcements to members.



Web pages are company's business card. When has your company last updated it's website?

We can renew your website with a refreshed look and we can also host your site with affordable prices. We are also a registered registrar for the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority.



Multiple applications for infrastructure in desktop VDI and server application sharing environments, e.g. LoginAssistant, ProfileCleaner, VirtualBypass for network control / acceleration.








Conference rooms are renewed at a tremendous pace. There are already several interesting solutions to make life easier for different devices and a with a variety of connection interfaces. Large screens are also entered at a rapid pace, leaving the projectors in the shade.


Now we have available a wide range of different sized screens, which can be equipped within even the biggest meeting rooms. A new feature is the wireless workgroup and presentation solutions, which can be present on all devices wirelessly without the problem of finding appropriate connections.


Reforming conference venues begins with going through the number of premises needing renewals, estimating sizes and user wishes. We provide you with the competitive quote for overall service including equipment and installation.






What would be the purpose of these screens? Should it display commercials, provide information to staff or visitors, or something other?

Who would see and watch your displays, and where?

What kind of material do you want to show on displays?


Ready-to-go devices directly to you

At first, we shall design together the displays' sizing, displacement and number of units. You will receive a competitive quote for the whole service, including devices and installation. We will deliver (and install - if needed) your displays just where you want.


Devices are easy to use

We will educate the users and help you get started with your contents. After that you are able to share your own material to these displays with ease.

After the project all you can just enjoy the results of your powerful information network!








Does your company have a need for recording phone conversations? Do you need more specific reports how the calls are being answered? Do you want to connect the telephone system as a part of your company's CRM? Has your Service Center settled down to last millennium? Can't the mobile switchboard support your company's communication needs?


If you answered yes at least one of these questions, we can offer you a solution that can defeat those and many more challenges.


We can deliver reliable Avaya messaging systems as ready-to-use solution.


We'll start the project together by determining the necessary needs and features. You will receive a competitive quote for the whole service, including devices and installation. We deliver (and install -if needed).




From us you can have all the necessary equipment from which you can take full advantage of the services.We have chosen the best suppliers based on our own experience, so that we can offer you wide range of the best and affordable IT equipment.

Handle the desks and people - We will supply the rest!

Servers and Storage

Trough us you can aquire the server equipment from small to large needs. Servers are available from several manufacturers, and also as cloud based service.

For through the servers from small to large. The servers are available from several manufacturers, and also the machine room service provided. Physical server manufacturers in our range includes HP, Fujitsu, IBM and Lenovo. Server selection covers devices from small units that can fit under table to rack-mounted blade server rack. Considering the storaging options, we can deliver top quality network storage and backup devices from these top-of-range suppliers - Also with ready-to-use solutions.



We represent most of the manufacturers that we believe makes the most high quality computers. In company environment, it is crucial to have firmly operating equipment and a support that does not let you down. Even the smallest downtime can mean lost in revenue, so the reliable operation of terminals is important. The main partners of terminal manufacturers are HP, Fujitsu and Lenovo.



You can obtain a comprehensive supply of software from diffrerent manufacturers from us. Among others, our catalog consists of Citrix, Microsoft, Adobe, Corel, Symantec, Arcserve, Veeam and VMware softwares. We can supply the software as installed and ready-to-use. Here is just a few examples of our wide spread of supply - ask more if you did not found what you are looking for.



We deliver high-quality network solutions for well-known online vendors, products and services. The heads we represent: HPE, Cisco, WatchGuard and Aruba. Utilizing the wide product range of our suppliers we can establish a safe online environment that will serve your company for years to come. All network products and services can also be prepared ready for your use.



We represent F-Secure and TrendMicro high-quality and easy-to-use security products. These partners can be used to create a secure operating environment in which the user does not have to worry about the safety of their own data.



Of course there has to be some way to get the produced documents out to paper. We sell HP and Epson printers. Both manufacturers are known printer manufacturers and their wide range of available printer will certainly fullfill every need.


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